After following Google HR protocol for months, all that Jessica (Ming) Tao has to show is 6 suicide attempts and 5 hospitalizations. Given the choice between their employees, Google has chosen to put Jessica on unpaid leave while her rapist is still fully employed. Jessica is tired of being silenced with the threat to her career and her very life hanging on the whim of a callous bureaucracy.

From a petition signed by almost 2500 Alphabet employees in April: “This is part of a long pattern where Alphabet protects the harasser instead of protecting the person harmed by the harassment. The person who reports harassment is forced to bear the burden, usually leaving Alphabet while their harasser stays or is rewarded for their behavior.

Countless walkouts, resignations, petitions, and heartbreaking stories of abuse later, Google still has not changed their attitude and processes regarding sexual harassment. The trillion dollar corporation has more than sufficient resources for appropriate intervention, but instead they have chosen to subject Jessica to further harm and instability. Google frequently uses its employee assistance program (EAP) mental health program to place victims of sexual assault in therapy, removing them from the workplace and implying there’s something wrong with the victim. With Jessica Tao, we are asking for justice.

We, the undersigned, demand:

1. That Jessica be compensated in full for her time on disability leave.

2. That survivors involved in future proceedings are always compensated for their time during this traumatizing process.

3. Alphabet immediately cease the insidious process of pushing workers into EAP therapy when they face harassment or other workplace abuses and using EAP to gather information on complainants before future lawsuits.

For further information and press inquiries for Jessica, please reach out to Alphabet Workers Union – press@alphabetworkersunion.org